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Right now we highly recommend that you check out the excellent piece that the Huffington Post did about How Mitt Romney started Bain Capital with money from El Savadorian death squads.  A must read.

When you are ready, and we are ready, and the whole world is ready, whether they are or not, we will all learn the ever much darker truth about the "Pie Master" himself, Mr. Mitt Romney, and how he likely rebooted Bain Capital in 1991, with money extorted from the California Lottery in the form of rigged Super Lotto results, just like this one - which should be as easy as pi to figure out.

That sad part is how they pulled this off, and what some of the other numbers are that we believe were rigged, with much larger payouts laundered though Mitt's off shore trusts and Swiss accounts.  Hey Mitt - did you pay income taxes on you ill gotten gains obtained through racketeerring, extortion, kidnapping and murder for hire?  Guess what!  This isn't the Huffington Post, nor is it the Onion.  This is the real deal!