The Comparadox Advantage
All the news that fits? The truth is out there, somewhere.  Maybe it just got misplaced?

About Us


This is where we are supposed to tell you who we are ... but neither you, nor we, or our friends and confidants are ready for that. That is why we do some of the things that we do. Usually, before we use the name of a real celebrity, political figure, or historical figure, for that matter - before we use their name, information, or likeness - we will try to negotiate in advance the rights to use their likeness, similarity, avatar, medium, proxy, or other simulacrum in some manner, or for what such purpose as we require, thus avoiding any sort of terrible mis-underestimation. In many cases, purely verbal negotiations, or otherwise personal relations have occurred, where only a limited reduction to writing has occurred with respect to such arrangements - often with a certain quality of understanding that we will try to respect the proper degrees of discretion that might be necessary, or which are ordinarily understood to exist, and thus if possible, we will try to respect the privacy of some, who are not a necessary part of the story, at least for as much as we are able.


Likewise, as recent news events have indicated, sometimes it is necessary for even a psychiatrist or an attorney to "break privilege", so to speak, when a client, or confidant might be a danger to others. Cognizant of that, we operate with a similar understanding of discretion, but we nonetheless will exercise the ordinary discretion of a proper journalistic enterprise with respect to our sources and our reporting.


In the real world, of course, that is not always possible, especially when we wish to write an utterly damning expose on someone we really don't like, and especially when the nature of our intention is to utterly repudiate their character based on our true best estimate of their inner nature, by means of hyperbole, innuendo, and confabulation mixed in with carefully and thoughtfully developed allegorical narrative. Thus when we attempt to utterly mortify a public figure, it is likely with good cause, even if we can at best support it sometimes with merely a scintilla of evidence.


Yet let us be clear, while a scintilla of evidence might be just a little more than nothing, it is nonetheless something, and by virtue of the fact that it is something, and not merely nothing, where there is at least a scintilla, there is certainly at least something, and that something, at least, is quite often all that is needed for someone to come forward and open a more proper investigate, or else judicial investigation within such a body as word normally be the sort of venue to more closely examine such things as there may be, that is to say, if even under oath.


Or else we can simply pursue justice in the political arena, and try to restore the proper equilibrium of the balance, and thus be exposing and moving beyond the equivocation of the facade in the current climate, we can continue to move on, once the implications of the innuendoes that we wish to prescribe have been realized.



And there is still four months left in 2012.

More About Us

So why do you want to know more about us?  Shouldn't you be more concerened about what we know, and what you should know that we know, whether or not it is about you, or not, than who we are, or what we are, or why we are what we are, but rather or not, whether or not, what we are all about, is or is not about you, or relevant to you.  Then again, you might be one of us.  But what would that mean?

Not much else to say here, but lots that's about to be said around here.  So feel free to have a look around.  The book will be out soon enough, we hope, but by then you will probably have to pay for it, so why not read it free, here, first?  Have fun.